Legal documents to collect when expecting a child

Expecting a child is a joyful event in every family, followed by excitement and lots of big plans. Still, it also brings some worries and new parents ask themselves lots of serious questions. It is certainly one of the scariest questions whether something will happen to you, but it is something we also need to think about when the new baby is coming. Because of this, every family needs to complete some legal tasks before or right after the baby is born. We bring you the list of the most important tasks that will give you peace of mind and help you focus on your family.

    1. Choose a legal guardian – a legal guardian of a child is a person who has the right and the obligation to take care of the child and his property until the child turns 18. A document called Power of Attorney for a Child grants an adult other than you and your spouse to take care of the child in your absence. In case of the unexpected death of parents, the assigned legal guardian will take care of the child.

2. Child Care Authorization – this document allows an adult other than you and your spouse to make decisions on your behalf regarding your child. For example, by this document you can authorize a trusted family member, a friend or a nanny to perform various activities instead of you. They are authorized pick the child up from school, notify about the child’s absence and seek medical treatment for the child in case of sickness.

3. Life insurance – life insurance is not generally something we think about until a new family member is born. Buying a life insurance will give you and your family additional peace of mind in case something happens to you or your spouse. In case of death of a family member, life insurance usually covers the largest costs. They include funeral cost, all existing loans or debts and college savings for children. Some policies even cover daily living expenses. The amount of funds received by life insurance differs from one insurance company to another. However, the general rule is that the insurance covers five to ten times your annual earnings.

4. Make a will – estate planning is another thing you should consider before or right after the new baby arrives. Every living person needs to create a will sooner or later, and this may be a good time to do so. A document called Last Will and Testament states the disposition of all your assets upon your death. The assets can include real estate, money on bank accounts, valuables and many other things of value and importance.


5. Keep records and make backup documents – last but not least, once you have collected and created all the necessary legal documents, it is important to keep good records. Make sure to always know where the documents are, sort them logically and neatly. Other family members should know the place of the documents as well, and it is a good idea to always have copies as backup.



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